Dippers: Gluten-Free Chips

Why is it if I see it at Costco, it catches my eye? I was doing my shopping when I heard a lady yelling out “Gluten-free chips! Try them now!” My ears perked up and so I wandered over to find a gigantic bag of R.W. Garcia tortilla chips called Dippers. I picked up the bag to make sure there wasn’t any added sugars (none). It does, however, list stone ground corn so it’s not completely low-carb, but so full of good fiber: flaxseed, black sesame seeds and chia seeds. I picked up a sample and started to bite into these crunchy, flavorful chips. YUM! And they really are great for dipping into your low-carb dips like salsa or guacamole!

The next day I went to Trader Joe’s and found a similar product with the exact same flavors in one bag: Spinach and Garlic (my favorite!), Red Beet and Onion, and Carrot and Tomato. You really should buy a bag and try these. Great snack!


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