Rootbeer Float

I got a little adventurous here and made a Rootbeer Float. (Do you know how many YEARS it’s been since I had a rootbeer float?!) I took my Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream, scooped it in a tall glass, then poured Zevia rootbeer over it. As you can see, the little itty-bitty cashews in the ice cream are floating around so it looks kind of weird. But the taste… OH,  THE TASTE of this beverage/dessert/treat is SPOT ON! It tastes like the real thing (with a bit of nuttiness to it) and it’s GUILT-FREE! It’s low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and has no refined sugar (just agave nectar in the ice cream which you can substitute for another sweetener of your choice to make it truly sugar-free). Can’t go wrong with that! I guzzled down this concoction until you could hear the empty slurping noise coming from the bottom of my straw. I felt like a kid again. SLURRRRRRRP!


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