KFC Double Down Sandwich

Yesterday my family and I watched the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in our town. After the parade, of course, we were all hungry. It was almost lunch time after all. I hit the nearest fast food joint which was a KFC. I heard about these low-carb Double Down Sandwiches and thought I’d give it a try. From the picture you can see there is no bun. This is pretty much all protein! It’s just two chicken patties surrounding two slices of cheese, bacon and some Colonel’s special sauce. Hardly any carbs in this baby!

I was starving so it started out really good. After a couple of bites, I realized that it was quite salty and very intense. This “sandwich” needed lettuce or some kind of veggie to cut the fat and richness. And it needed something aside from paper to hold it all together. I didn’t finish the entire sandwich because two chicken breast patties was a bit much. Overall, it’s not bad if this was your only choice for fast food.


2 thoughts on “KFC Double Down Sandwich

  1. Actually it is not really that low in carbs. At 18 grams, that would almost kick you out of induction with just that one meal.

    Plus the 1400 mgs of sodium for one meal would also be a huge negative. For anyone with blood pressure issues the total sodium intake for the day should be around 1500.

    But I am sure it tasted great.

    The grilled double down has far fewer carbs so it isn’t a bad option for carbs but once again it has around 1400 mgs of sodium.

    The Grumpy Man

  2. I agree with you, Grumpy Man. It’s high in sodium which is why I couldn’t finish the whole thing. It was too salty.

    18 grams of carbs is a lot if you’re doing Atkins but for maintenance it’s fair. I wouldn’t recommend eating one of these every day or even every week. But if it was the only place you could go, it’s a passable alternative to chicken and mashed potatoes or biscuits. 🙂

    Great blog, by the way! Congratulations!

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