Chai Almond Latte

I gave up my caramel macchiatos and found a new hot beverage to indulge in on cold mornings: Chai Almond Latte. There are Chai teas mixes that you can buy but if you read the ingredients, you’ll see that it may contain sugar. This recipe has no sugar—unless you want to add your own sweetener. In my case, I like to add Stevia (or Truvia) to make it truly sugar-free. This latte is just as decadent as the real thing but not as fatty. (I found all my ingredients at my local Trader Joe’s.)


  • Trader Joe’s Organic Spiced Rooibos Ruby Red Chai
  • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Vanilla Flavored Unsweetened Milk
  • Sweetener of your choice

Make your tea as directed on the box. I like to heat my almond milk in a separate mug, add my sweetener in the milk, then use a milk frother (It’s like a magic wand!) before pouring it into my tea.  Voilà… Chai Almond Latte. It even looks like a real latte you order at a coffee shop!



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