The Protein Burger!

Today was an unbelievably busy day for me that I barely had time to eat lunch. But even if I only have time to grab fast food, I can still eat something that won’t affect my weight. And I’m not talking about a salad (Who here is sick of salad? ME!) I’m talking MEAT AND CHEESE! Maybe most of you know, but just in case you didn’t, In-and-Out has a secret (or not-so-secret) menu. They have items like grilled cheese, double meat, and 4x4s. My favorite burger to order is the good ol’ Double Double Protein Burger – Animal Style. Mmmmm! This is a lip-smacking, finger-licking, mouthwatering treat for me! Just look at the picture (I’ll give you a moment):

Let’s break this baby down:

  • Double: Two beef patties
  • Double: Two slices of cheese
  • Protein Burger: Wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun
  • Animal Style: with grilled onions

Basically, this burger is ALL protein with very little carbs. If you only have a small window of time to grab a meal, don’t despair. Look at the menu choices and see how you can make it work for you so you can enjoy food without the guilt.


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