Peanut Butter Stevia Cookies

I have to start with my all-time FAVORITE: The Peanut Butter Stevia Cookie. I love these! They taste almost as good as real peanut butter cookies. It’s more crumbly and not as chewy, and unfortunately Stevia gives it a bit of a bitter taste, but overall not bad. I especially like crumbling these yummy treats on top of my gluten-free, no sugar chocolate ice cream. (I’ll post that recipe another time!)


  • A 16 oz. jar of peanut butter (make sure there is no sugar in the ingredients)
  • 3 Tbsp. of Stevia*
    * I use Trader Joe’s brand Stevia powder. If you are using a different type or brand (Truvia, Sweetleaf, Kal, Stevia in the Raw, etc.), you will need to test how much to use. Some people use as little as 1/4 tsp.
  • 1 Tbsp. of Stevia for fork dipping
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tsp. vanilla

Preheat oven at 350˚F.

Mix all ingredients until it’s like cookie dough. (It will appear to be runny but keep mixing.) Roll into 1-inch balls. Place on greased sheet. Take a fork and dip it into Stevia then press into the balls to make criss-cross design. Makes 24 cookies.

Bake for 12 minutes.


30 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Stevia Cookies

  1. i’ve baked so many low carb / gluten-free goodies but never the PB cookies. i have to try them sometime.

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  4. I tried to make my own with 1/2 cup Stevia, 1 cup natural peanut butter, and one egg. It did not work. When I am done eating my failure I will have to try your version.

  5. Sara,
    Sounds like you did half a recipe. What happened? When you try my recipe I would cool the cookies while on the cookie sheet in the fridge if you can. And store them in the fridge at all times because these cookies are crumbly.

    Good luck!

  6. Absolutely! Any nutbutter will work. I’ve used almond, cashew and I’m playing with hazelnut now.

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  8. are you using pure stevia powder like you buy at the health store or granulated like you get in the baking isle at the grocery store? all i have is the pure stuff and 4 tablespoons seems like a lot. recipe looks good, just wanted to make sure before i tried it. thanks!

  9. Angie- I use the pure powder. The cookie dough uses 3 tablespoons. 1 tablespoon is just for dipping your fork in to make the criss-cross design. You can skip that part if you want.

  10. I split the recipe in half and i only used half a tablespoon and still too sweet. dont add that much. i also added a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, tablespoon of almond milk, and abt 4 tablespoon of rolled oats. I like stevia but that was still a lot, but idc cuz its stevia.

  11. Alakea – thanks for sharing your version. That sounds yummy.

    I looked at my stevia and it’s “stevia extract” – the powdered kind from Trader Joe’s. I’m thinking this is different from “pure stevia” but it’s definitely not granulated like “stevia in the raw.”

  12. these are awesome!!!! i halved the recipe and used only 1/8th of a teaspoon of stevia extract. only one problem…. i cant stop eating them!!!!!

  13. Thanks, Angie! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve made these. I think I should make these again soon. Might need to alter the recipe if you can make these with 1/8th of a teaspoon. 🙂

  14. Hi Sally, I’m not sure how much Stevia in the Raw to use. One cup of sugar is equivalent to 1 cup of Stevia in the Raw, which is equivalent to 1 tsp. of Stevia powder. (See link: That would mean you would use 12 cups of Stevia in the Raw! That’s a whole lot of sweetener. I would say experiment with 1/2 cup and see if the mixture turns to cookie dough. Then gradually add a little more until you get the right consistency. I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer. Good luck and let me know how much you end up using. Thanks!

  15. this recipe needs double checking…there is no way this recipe calls for 4 tablespoons of stevia. (I use Kal brand myself, always…) never heard of stevia in the raw and as for truvia(stevia plus eythritol) maybe that’s what you’re calling for?

  16. Reba – I use Trader Joe’s brand stevia powder. I realize there are different types of stevia brands but this is how I’ve made these cookies many times. I did not use Stevia in the Raw or Truvia. One of the comments above said they used 1/8 tsp for half a recipe. I have not used Kal brand but you may have to play around with your stevia yourself to see what works for you. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Trader Joe has two kinds of stevia. One of them is in a 1 ounce jar and is pure stevia. The other is in a 9.73 ounce jar and is stevia mixed with milk. The difference in strength between those two is probably on the order of 6 to 8 or even 10X as the stronger one is so sweet that I use 1/8 of a tsp in a cup of coffee. The other, mixed with milk, requires between one and two tsps for one cup of coffee. Which one do you buy and use for these cookies, please? There is a humungous difference.

  18. I used the 9.73 oz. jar. I haven’t seen the 1 oz jar at my Trader Joe’s. I guess my store doesn’t carry it. Thanks for clarifying Jheri.

  19. Well..must have done something wrong…they won’t come off the pan in one piece and when you swallow they stick in your throat….

  20. I use the KAL Pure Stevia extract that is a liquid. Do you think this recipe needs the powder for the texture to be right?

  21. Paula – it doesn’t have to be powdered to work. But don’t use 3 tbsp of stevia. I think KAL is more concentrated. You can probably use 1/2 tsp.

  22. I’m wondering if a half tsp of xanthan gum, melted butter or ground flax seeds etc. would help these stay together…glad this popped up in my e-mail. I decided to get serious about my diet just yesterday. Thanks!

  23. Hello, I would like to feature this recipe and website on a package of Baking Stevia I am designing for national distribution. Would you like to be the feature recipe?

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